Musical Instrument Guide is composed of a team of professional musicians and music hobbyists and enthusiasts. We’re passionate about helping others find their creative place in the world of music.

We created this website to for two reasons:

  1. To help educate aspiring and student musicians on various techniques and concepts to help them progress faster with learning their chosen instrument. 
  2. To help anyone considering purchasing a musical instrument, musical equipment and other products make the most informed buying decision possible.

Part of our motivation for creating the site was to help aspiring musicians navigate the often intimidating music marketplace. If you’ve ever walked into a big-name retail store, you’ve probably been confronted by a pushy salesperson trying to sell you expensive equipment you don’t need.

Our aim, instead, is to make the buying experience one of exploration and education. That’s why you won’t find blanketed advice about which clarinet is the best choice for everyone or why you absolutely shouldn’t live without a brand new MIDI keyboard controller.

Whether you’re considering a gift for a friend or relative or looking to expand your talents by picking up a new instrument, we’re here to be a helpful and trusted resource for you.

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